“One forgets words as one forgets names. One’s vocabulary needs constant fertilizing or it will die.” Evelyn Waugh

One of the shifts in the English Language Arts Curriculum Frameworks and Common Core is the development of students' academic vocabulary.

21 Digital Tools for Vocabulary Learning
Academic Shift in Common Core
Academic Vocabulary
Watch this video to learn more about the shift in ELA standards to include a focus on academic vocabulary.

Academic Vocabulary

Six Steps for Building
Academic Vocabulary

What are the six steps for teaching academic vocabulary?
Video on Six Steps for Teaching Academic Vocabulary

Overview of Vocabulary Instruction

Examples of Six Step Process

Another example

Note Taking Forms

Vocabulary Posters
Make your own vocabulary posters here!
See some example posters here:
Develop Poster.jpg

Describe Poster.jpg
Identify Poster.jpg
Demonstrate Poster.jpg

Vocabulary Strategies in Action
See Vocabulary Strategies in Action in Small and Whole Group Lessons

Videos of Vocabulary Strategies in Action

Touch and Go