Your Task:
Your town has decided to include a unit of the Lavender Scare into its US History curriculum at the high school.
The Lavender Scare refers to the persecution of gays from the late 1940s to circa 1969. Many parents, community members, and school board members have rose in opposition to the change in curriculum.

Your task is as follows:

After reviewing all of the documents, write a letter to the superintendent in support or in opposition to the change in the curriculum. Use evidence from the documents reviewed to support your response.

Document #1

external image photoprotest1.jpg
The Mattachine Society of Washington organized a number of pickets in 1965. This picket occurred in October 1965 with participants from New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Florida.

What are the people in the photograph doing?
What is the people's message? How do you know?

Document #2

In 1965, Frank Kameny and Jack Nichols organized the first gay rights demonstrations the nation had ever seen. With a handful of others, they picketed the White House and other government buildings to protest the on-going ban on hiring gay and lesbian workers. On August 28th, they picketed the State Department. At a news conference the day before, Secretary of State Dean Rusk was asked about the protest.

What was the Secretary of State Dean Rusk's opinion of the gays?
What evidence from the video best supports your conclusion?

Document #3

Joan Cassidy recalls the night U.S. Navy investigators stormed the barracks searching for lesbians.

What impact might the targeting of lesbians in the military have had on the individuals involved?

Document #4

A Resolution Authorizing the Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments to Carry Out Certain Duties. December 15 (legislative day, November 27), 1950

What is the main idea of the report?

What is the purpose of this report? How do you know?

Document #5

In this clip, an investigator for three government agencies describes how he and his colleagues would interrogate suspected homosexuals.

What methods were used by investigators?

Document #6

Lavender Scare Trailor

What purpose was given for targeting homosexuals? What evidence do you have for your conclusion?

What impact did federal policies have on homosexuals working in the federal government?

Document #7

Bill requiring gay history lessons passes California senate. Tamron Hall talks with state senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco).

What is the purpose of the legislation in California?

Document #8

What challenges do LGBT youth face in schools and in growing up? What evidence do you have for your conclusions?

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