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Giving Student Choice
Think Tac Toes
Use 9 squares and assign an activity to each square. Any activity can be used to fill the 3 x 3 squares. Most examples have the middle square marked students choice. This format can be applied to extension activities, contracts, study.
Math Chapter Review

Think Dots

ThinkDOTS is a great activity for students to construct meaning for themselves and to engage in processing their learning. It is a strategy used to review, demonstrate, and extend thinking. Choice is given to the students but they still complete the required learning tasks – just in the order they roll the die. ThinkDOTS may also be used as a formative assessment tool.


  • Create six learning tasks for the number s on the die.
  • List the tasks in a 2x3 cell table which include dots relating to the sides of a die. (Sticky dots can be purchased to attach to the cells before copying)
  • If dots are not used, write the number of dots in each cell to correlate with the dots on the die. (This can be used as an activity guide or can be cut apart, hole-punched, and attached by rings purchased at a hardware store for $9.00/100 metal rings.)
  • Each task should include specifics of your unit.
  • Students roll the die and complete the learning task from the corresponding dot
  • If the first roll is something the student doesn’t want to do, s/he can roll a second time.