The following forms must be in each Title I student's folder:
  • Title I Enrollment Letter every year
  • Title I Parent Compact every year
  • Student Selection Sheet every year
  • Progress Report every year
  • Exit from Title I only if applicable

All Title I folders must be kept for 7 years. Prior to destruction, the parents, school, and community must be notified of their right to review and collect the folders. Folders are not kept with cumulative folders. Title I folders do not transition to the next school as a student graduates but remain in the Title I school.

Title I Parent Compact
(The following must be distributed and signed by parents. A copy must be
placed in the student's Title I folder.)

Title I Parent Involvement Policy
(The following must be distributed to parents at the beginning of each year
at October orientation meetings.)

Title I Enrollment Letter
(The enrollment letter is sent home upon enrollment. A copy of the
letter must be placed in student's Title I folder.)

Exit from Title I
(When a student is exited from the Title I program, the parent
must be informed. A copy of the letter should be placed in the
student's Title I folder.)

Progress Report
(Progress reports are sent home in January and May to support parental
involvement. Copies of the progress report should be placed in the student's
Title I folder.)

Student Selection Sheets
(Student selection sheets must be filled in fully. All calculations must be accurate.
A copy should be placed in the student's Title I folder.)

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Rank Order Sheet
(The attached form must be used at the beginning of the
year prior to October 1st to indicate the students in the program.)

Entrance-Exit List
(The attached form should be used to inform the Title I Office that students
have been exited or entered into the Title I program.

Title I Policies