Proposed Timeline (Subject to Negotiations): Administer the student survey during the month of May 2015. Collect and analyze response. Use the results in the writing of your self-assessment and goal setting in the fall of 2015.

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Development of K-5 Student Surveys:
A committee of teachers and administrators met over a span of two months. The group began by understanding the requirements and recommendations from the DESE. We reviewed sample student surveys from DESE and other organizations. Each member of the team developed a sample survey based upon this research. Protocols for the administration of the survey were also discussed. The survey was administered to the students in their classroom. At a final meeting, the committee discussed if students were confused by certain questions and wording. The answers of the students were also analyzed to determine if the information gleamed from students was helpful in informing classroom instruction. Thank you to the following teachers and administrators who participated in the development of the surveys:
  • Melanie Acevedo, Fourth Grade Teacher Lincoln
  • Margaret Adams, Assistant Superintendent
  • Joellen Beaudet, Fourth Grade Teacher Hoover School
  • Jen Crittenden, Fourth Grade Teacher Roosevelt School
  • Alyssa Iuliano, Fourth Grade Teacher Lincoln School
  • John Maynard, Principal Winthrop School
  • Mary Beth Maranto, Principal Roosevelt School
  • Carolyn McElligott, Second Grade Teacher, Lincoln School
  • Jennifer O'Brien, Fourth Grade Teacher Winthrop School
  • Lindsay Shanahan, Fifth Grade Teacher Lincoln School
  • Joyce Schlenger, Principal Lincoln School
  • Brienne Thibodeau, Kindergarten Teacher Lincoln School

Development of Grade 6-12 Surveys
  • Margaret Adams, Assistant Superintendent
  • Anthony DiBenedetto, Video Production Teacher, MHS
  • Leslie Means, ELA Teacher, MVMMS
  • Kim Talbot, Director of Global Languages Grades 6-12
  • Steve Wall, History/Social Science Teacher, MHS

Guidance Document on Student Surveys from DESE:
Quick Reference Guide:

Administration Protocol
Student Survey
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Student Survey alignment to Teacher Evaluation Standards
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Grade 6-12

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MPS Student Survey
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